Data Security Policy

E-Hound Media's Security Policies & Practices

At E-Hound Media we take security very seriously and have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies and policies to help ensure your data is secure. This page outlines some of the mechanisms and processes we have implemented to help ensure that your data is protected. Our security practices are grouped in three different areas: Physical Security; Network Security and People Processes.

Physical Security

Our contact centers are located in both Newport Beach, CA & Tijuana BC Mexico. We count on the following:

  • 7x24x365 Security. The data centers that host your data are guarded seven days a week, 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year by private security guards.
  • Video Monitoring. Each data center is monitored 7x24x365 with night vision cameras.
  • Controlled Entrance. Access to the EHM contact centers is tightly restricted to a small group of pre-authorized personnel.

  • Network Security

    Our network security team and infrastructure helps protect your data against the most sophisticated electronic attacks. The following is a subset of our network security practices. These are intentionally stated in a very general way, since even knowing what tactics we use is something hackers crave. If your organization requires further detail on our network security, please contact us.

  • IDS/IPS. Our network is gated and screened by highly powerful and certified Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention Systems.
  • Control and Audit. All accesses are controlled and also audited.
  • Secured / Sliced Down OS. We use an operating system engineered for security that minimizes vulnerabilities.
    Virus Scanning. Traffic coming into Zoho Servers is automatically scanned for harmful viruses using state of the art virus scanning protocols which are updated regularly.

  • People Processes

    Designing and running a contact center infrastructure requires not just technology, but a disciplined approach to processes. This includes policies about escalation, management, knowledge sharing, risk, as well as the day to day operations. EHM's security team has years of experience in designing and operating data centers and continually improves our processes over time. EHM has developed a world class practices for managing security and data protection risk.

  • Select Employees. Only employees with the highest clearance have access to our data center data. Employee access is logged and passwords are strictly regulated. We limit access to customer data to only a select few of these employees who need such access to provide support and troubleshooting on our customers' behalf.
  • Audits. Audits are regularly performed and the whole process is reviewed by management